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Review: Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026
It's been a while since I've got some time to build this Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026. Yes,[...]
Lego Store Set – Happy Grand Opening Day for Lego Fanatics!
Haven’t been in a Lego store before?   Luckily, I have one of these sets that I got from a[...]
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Best Lego Marvel Super Heroes Sets 2017 for Fans of All Generations
For all fans of the comic books and the movies, perhaps you’d want to branch out your interest to Lego?[...]
Lego Mixels Series 6: A Series of Welding, Slime, and Munching
Joining the lovable characters from series 5, are the adorable characters from Lego Mixels series 6. If you’ve been gluing[...]
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