Hi! I’m Brick Chad.

No, my first name isn’t Brick. It’s just, hellooooooo. Brick Chad the best Lego sets Storyteller
Of all the Chad’s you know, how many of them are made of Lego bricks? None?

That’s what I thought.
Being made of 100% Lego, and although statistically impossible, 99% sarcasm, Lego is extremely important to me.

I take pride in being a part of this one, big family that has been nurturing people’s creativity for generations. You may be thinking, “Is this the Lego’s way of making babies?” Hell, no! Why do you think we would be giving our babies away? That’s just sick, man.

What we make are totally inanimate Legos that can actually be sold legally.
They don’t even have to consent! They’re not living things, remember? Ever asked a basketball its permission before you sell it?

About my job

I’m not the one in charge of conceptualizing the different Lego themes or of making the best Lego sets. I’m just a regular employee in the headquarters. I’m just your average Joe… well, Chad.

We started from producing just different sizes of Lego blocks, and now we have differently-themed Lego Sets. It makes me tear up a little because we’ve really come a long, long way. I’m just so proud. So damn proud!

Anyway, I thought, what better way to spread the joy even more than tell you about the best Lego sets out there? I have a great appreciation for our products, although I’m not directly involved in the process.

My fellow Legos in the factory puts a lot of effort in designing and in building each Lego brick. It’s my duty to honor their genius by spreading the word. I owe it to them, really.

Of course, I still want to be fair. I wasn’t raised to be a big, Lego-made a liar! But don’t expect to see any of those boring reviews in here. No, I hate those.

Let’s spice things up a little

Let me tell you about the different 70% water fellas (I’m talking about you, in case you’ve forgotten your human Biology) I know who grabbed themselves at least one of the best Lego sets ever.

My personal favorite, of course, is the regular Lego blocks.
They can be anything you want! If we’re talking about the best Lego sets here, nothing can beat Lego Movies.

This is super great because it lets people participate in bringing fiction to life. Something out of this world or even out of this universe? Anything is possible with the right amount of Lego blocks.

There are so many stories I’m excited to share with you.

Who ever knew that the lives of some people revolve around the Lego sets in their collection? This makes me even more proud of what we have been doing for years!

It feels good to know that there is great love being poured on our work.

Look around the website and read about the Lego enthusiasts with pretty interesting lives.

Don’t ever forget, I’m Brick Chad.
You’ll be seeing a lot of me and the best Lego sets real soon.