Review: Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026

It’s been a while since I’ve got some time to build this Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026.

Yes, office hours are crazy as hell so having a moment like this got my stress away.

So, it took me almost 8 hours to build this set and all I can say is that I enjoyed it. I almost not to take my lunch because I lost track of the time due to the excitement.

This set is an expired set already, luckily, I’ve met a trader whom I sold it. You can actually check it’s price on amazon for you to know the actual price.

Here is a quick look at what you’re going to expect:

Lego creator cafe and bike shop facade

Lego cafe and bike shop minifigure

This set features 2 separate building: a bicycle shop and a cafe.
Also, the set comes with 3 awesome minifigures. (Italic font at the middle)

Lego cafe and bikeshop brick plastic bags

Lego cafe and bike shop brick plates

This Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026 consists of 7 plastic bags and 2 large 8x 16 brick plates. It comes with that pretty orange tool that will ease out the un-bricking.

Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026 Manual

Here are the 2 manual that comes with this set…There are 2 variations available

Outdoor Scene bike shop and cafe set
That lovely woman is enjoying her coffee while having an outdoor seating. Well, not every of us will have a moment of solitude like her especially if we are on a busy schedule. By just looking, I can’t imagine how stressful his job in the corporate world.

And, combine with that gorgeous black and white table, this set is a prime collectible for coffee lovers. (Or sometimes tea)

Terrace at the cafe shop

Right above her is that fascinating terrace and some colorful flowers that bring emotion to the scene.

Lego Creator Cafe and Bike shop coffee woman

If you’re a fan of coffee and some tea time, we’ll, this comes with a pretty nice looking mini figure that holding a red cup. I don’t know what she’s sipping, but looking her outside the coffee shop makes it feel good to have some coffee.

The coffee girl seems always ready to sips her coffee, but I think she prefers to drink some tea instead. Also, she comes with that printed formal outfit that is perfect for her.

Inside the cafe shop

Inside the cafe has it’s own cash register, besides are the two color pink muffins for pastry lovers. That lovely espresso making machine will meet the crave of espresso lovers too.

Buildable bird

There’s also a buildable bird at the roof top of the cafe, well, I don’t like it much because it’s size is not proportion to the set itself. As you’ve noticed, it’s quite big for a bird.

Lego Creator Cafe and Bike Shop 31026 ATM BANK

If you’ve run out of cash there is a Bank ATM machine ready to dispense some money for you to spend. I liked that green cash with printed money at the top of the machine, it determines the function of the device.

Lego Creator Cafe and Bike shop Rich Guy

By the look of his printed elegant clothes, we already know that this person has a lot of money to spend, well, I believe he also the owner of the yellow sports car. He just came by to withdraw some cash.

Lego creator yellow sports car

Too, this yellow sports car grabs the attention of this set, its size fits the sizes of the house around it. Its enormous sleek design shows how fast it can go. I like what they’ve done in the front headlights, it’s classic.

Lego Creator Cafe and Bike shop Mechanic Man

I like the color of the clothes of this guy, not because he’s handling a pretty nice wrench that gives effect to what he is. But it captures the attention that there’s some repair action going on.

Inside the room

So, the bicycle shop has a first-floor apartment with a kitchen area, this gives us the idea that the mechanic below is the one who’s living in the apartment. If the mechanic doesn’t own the house, at least it is a good idea to rent it because he can actually live there and rest. Also, he can practice his cooking skills while having a living.

Bike shop front entrance

Given that he is a mechanic, his shop also consists of tools for him to exercise his craft. Also, they’ve designed the wall so well that he can pull his tools whenever he needs it.

Lego cafe and bike shop canopy

As you notice outside, the color of the canopy gives life to the facade of this bicycle shop. Flowers are also present to amplify the scene. The way they design the floors for both is simple but rock. If you often visit something like this, it will be very familiar to you that this set is just like what you see in your town.

Back of the bicycle shop

At the back of the bicycle shop lies the stairs that lead into the shop. Maybe because this will allow some bikers who have big bikes to enter the shop at the back door. You can actually pull the door if you want it to open. They also put some streetlights to make sure there is light to help visitors in the area at night.

Picture of the room of mechanic

The room has a comfy single bed and a kitchen area that consist of cabinets, stove, pans, lavatory and water bottles. Well, you can actually detach the parts of the cabinets and play along with it.

After the hard labor, the mechanic also has some time to relax and enjoy some grilled foods of his choice. He just needs to be careful while he goes upstairs because it’s not quite safe to go to those monkey stairs while holding some food.

Lego cafe and bike shop roof top of cafe

If you have some spare lego pieces available, you can actually put some tables and chairs at the top to make it easier for the mechanic to eat his food, given that they put some space at the top.

What I love about this set:

  • Cafe Outdoor Scenery – Without having this part of the set, this will never be complete. That idea of putting the table outside really gives the emotion that this cafe is a place to be. (For Removing stress of course)
  • Mechanic – it’s color captures attention to the scene, also adding that wrench makes him the power guy.
  • Yellow Sports Car – a sleek design that emphasizes how fast it can go. It
  • Red bike – the way they position the red bike in the shop is fantastic! With one look, you know where you up to.

What I don’t like about:

  • No tables and chairs in the rooftop – if they’ve at least add a little more pieces to furnish the top that would be better.
  • Buildable Bird – the bird is too big for the set. I know this is just a toy, but at least if making the bird proportion to the set is a plus.

The Ver-Brick!

Lot’s of detail, fascinating minifigures, two separate buildings and a sports car. This set has it’s all. If you’re really serious about collecting Lego creator 3-in-1 theme sets (like me). You probably take a second look if you still don’t own this one. There are a few of this remaining.

For almost hundred dollars that I bought it, all I can say is that it’s worth it. If you have, or still planning to collect Lego creator theme sets, this is one of a fascinating set that you should not forget.

Our Rating