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Best Lego Mixels from Series 1 to 9

Yes, I know. Your kids, and perhaps you, can never get enough of the cute and out of this world characters from the best lego mixels collection. So today, I present you the best Lego Mixels characters from series 1 to Series 9. But they’re all too adorable. How dare I choose which to include […]

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Lego Mixels Series 8: A Story of Fire, Health, and Loot

What if when you wake up tomorrow, and you’ve been transported to the world of Lego Mixels? Sure, everything’s normal… at least for six-year olds. Instead of the usual firemen, dentists, and pirates, they become something else. Well, at least for series 8. But if you’re a fan of series, you know there are more […]

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