Best Lego Mixels from Series 1 to 9

Yes, I know. Your kids, and perhaps you, can never get enough of the cute and out of this world characters from the best lego mixels collection.

So today, I present you the best Lego Mixels characters from series 1 to Series 9.

But they’re all too adorable. How dare I choose which to include out of 81 Mixels?

What makes the best… the best?

What makes the best… the best?The truth is, there is no way to come up with a list a hundred percent objectively.

But someone’s got to do it, right?

Here are the three factors I considered in choosing the best Lego Mixels:

Character Personality (Or Mixelity)

Aside from the Mixel’s “cuteness”, I’m pretty sure that kids also take into account how relatable a character is.

Like in everything else, the best Lego Mixels aren’t always the coolest-looking. There are certain quirks that they may find appealing.

This is based on how each of them is portrayed in the Lego Mixels episodes on Cartoon Network.

So, in the name of variety, I’ll be including Mixels having diverse personalities to make sure everybody relates.

Overall Aesthetic

First impressions matter.

For this list, I’ll chose those that stands out among the rest.

Your kids are probably going to display their Mixels in their room or show to their friends. So, yes, looks do matter.

But to be clear, aesthetics is a necessary but not sufficient feature that those included must have.

Lego Interpretation

How the Lego Mixels are projected into a small toy is what I’ll look into the most.

As these characters are present even beyond the TV screens, how Lego transformed them into something tangible is important as well.

If one character falls short or isn’t as appealing in a sealed plastic, wouldn’t that be disappointing?

The Best Lego Mixels in the Collection

Gox (41536)

From: Series 5

Tribe: Klinkers

Gox (41536)

A part of the Lego Mixels Series 5, Gox is a proud member of the tribe Klinkers.

You’ve probably seen him in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig. If you haven’t yet, I’m sure you’d love him almost as much as he loves himself.

Plus, it comes with a Nixel! Isn’t this such a good deal?

A Vain, Metallic Crustacean

Yup, he’s pretty shiny alright.

A wonderful combination of gold and silver colors, Gox expects everyone to treat him like royalty.

If somehow knows about this list, he’d be offended if I hadn’t included him as one of the best Lego Mixels.

Still, it’ pretty easy to overlook his flawed self-important attitude because of his awesome golden mustache.

For sure, you’ll also be taken by his metallic claw feet and rotating eye.

Shuff (41505)

From: Series 1

Tribe: Cragsters

Shuff (41505)

When you need something smashed, you can Shuff.

No need to be scared! Just one look and you’ll see that he is a sweet and kind creature.

Demolition Disaster

Shuff has a demolition ball body, and it can create a massive city-wide disaster.

Although he has friendly and helpful, he’s terribly clumsy.

He has innocent-looking eyes, making it easier for you to forgive him. Still, be careful!

Lunk (41510)

From: Series 2

Tribe: Frosticons

Lunk (41510)

Chill, that’s what Lunk would probably say.

He can take on even the toughest Nixel, despite the slow and sickly impression he exudes.

What makes him worthy of being part of the best Lego Mixels list is his unbelievably slow movement.

Lunk’s two buddies from the tribe Frosticons of the Lego Mixels Series 2 even seem energetic beside him.

The Perfect Weapon for a Slow, But Sure Win

Yes, Lunk is never the brainiest or even the quickest among them.

But looking beyond that icy blue exterior, an thick ice exoskeleton makes him incredibly durable.

Even with his stubby hands, the Nixels don’t have a chance against Lunk.

Notice the ice element coming out of his nose? One sneeze can freeze a Nixel to an ice cube.

Snax (41551)

From: Series 6

Tribe: Munchos

Snax (41551)

The main reason Snax is on the list is he reminds me of me on a buffet.

A loveable character from Lego Mixels Series 6, this Munchos tribe member is someone a lot of us can relate to.

Snax is also great company, just like any other extrovert person.

Endless Talking and Munching

If ever you get to hand out with Snax, that’s what you can expect.

His cheeks are always bloated because of he’s always grabbing something to eat.

He may be fun to hang out with, but you have to watch out! Sadly, Snax loves talking as much as he does talking.

There are chewed-up food in his mouth, and they may shoot up at you anytime. Yes, pretty gross.

Still, I want this purple-colored and wide-eyed character in the best Lego Mixels list because he’s someone I can actually hang out with.

Screeno (41578)

From: Series 9

Tribe: Newzers

Screeno (41578)

Lego Mixels are hardworking too, and one proof of that is MIX TV.

It takes three to do the job. But spearheading the operations, Screeno does more than your average pretty-faced reporter.

A town favorite, this well-rounded Mixel is the most sought-after character when it comes to breaking news.

The Face in Front and Behind the Scenes

This TV-shaped face Mixel does more behind the scenes than anyone can imagine.

Aside from being the writer and producer, he’s also the director and reporter for MIX TV.

With Screeno being the smooth-talking member of the Newzers trio, he always has as microphone in his hand, ready to deliver the latest scoops.

Forever camera-ready, he dons a sharp suit with yellow tie.

Busto (41555)

From: Series 7

Tribe: MCPD

Busto (41555)

We often associate the law enforcement with, well, law and order as well as discipline.

Busto is another story altogether.

Coming from MCPD of Lego Mixels series 7, he paints a somewhat whimsical portrait of the police.

Simply, I like him for the irony.

A Gentle-Hearted Cop

His intentions are always good, but it just results to more trouble.

Because Busto’s too nice, prisoners always try to talk themselves to freedom.

Yes. the blue-colored living jail cell opens his cell with a crowbar himself.

At first glance, he may look very qualified with his translucent blue and red elements, but knowing him better would tell you otherwise.

One of the best Lego Mixels on the list, Busto’s appearance and character are pretty interesting.

Volectro (41508)

From: Series 1

Tribe: Electroids


The Electroids may shock the Nixels one way or another, but that doesn’t compare to how many times Volectro endured the same thing.

But thanks to that, fans everywhere get to enjoy this unique character from Lego Mixels series 1.

Electrifying Character

Weird hairdo? Check!

Eccentric expression? Check!

One of a kind look? Check!

Volectro more than deserves to join the ranks of the best Lego Mixels.

Emitting a great amount of static energy, he attracts all kinds of things to his fun ‘do.

It may always be a bad hair day for this goofy-looking Mixel, but at least he has translucent electricity elements in his hands.

Aside from the Electroids, who else can boast that kind of power?

Tuth (41571)

From: Series 8

Tribe: Medix

Tuth (41571)

Pretty much like normal people, Mixels care about their hygiene as well.

But while the lives of normal dentists don’t revolve around their profession, Tuth here is totally obsessed!

Need a root canal or an extraction? This quirky Mixel from Lego Mixels Series 8 is sure to get the job done.

As one of my best Lego Mixels, nobody has as much as passion in his work as Tuth has.

Tooth-Obsessed Dentist

The tooth-shaped and tooth-obsessed dentist is in charge of maintaining the Mixels’ dental hygiene.

Unfortunately for you, that’s all Tuth cares about.

Whether a patient has a dislocated arm or is bleeding to death, he will still only check the teeth.

But at least you know he’s good at what he does. Just look at his four big teeth!

Always ready for the job, he has a toothbrush arm and a toothpick on another.

Still, what really catches my attention is the crazed look in his eyes. It’s like in his mind, he’s always saying “Teeth, teeth. TEETH!”

Glomp (41518)

From: Series 3

Tribe: Glorp Corp

Glomp (41518)

Glomp may look adorable, but I wouldn’t hug him.

He, along with the two other members and their cousins from Series 6, is slimy.

With him, everything is a gooey adventure.

Slime, Slime, and SLIME!

The leader of Glorp Corp may always have runny nose and slimy hands, but he’s more than that gooey exterior.

Always out hatching crazy schemes, Glomp is a thrill-seeker who also has a love for goofy games.

This tall and one-eyed Mixel has a child-like attitude that I simply adore.

Tapsy (41561)

From: Series 7

Tribe: Mixies

Tapsy (41561)

Drum roll, please!

Grabbing a spot as one of the best Lego Mixels, Tapsy is Mixopolis City’s biggest rockstar.

He keeps the beat going, so the rest of the Mixies and the audience can jam along.

Keeping the Beat Alive

Tapsy is a living drum kit who only truly comes alive during his drum solos.

Having four arms with drum sticks, he plays the sickest beats that can make the crowd go crazy. Aside from that, Tapsy also dons a total of four cymbals.

As Tapsy has always been proud of the band and the rockstar status that comes along with it, he has the band logo on the kick drum.

Meltus (41530)

From: Series 4

Tribe: Infernite Cousins

Meltus (41530)

Meltus may come from the second release of the Infernite tribe, but he’s still the one I believe should be part of the best Lego Mixels list.

His character contrasts his scary appearance, making him even more endearing.

One, Scary Sweetheart

Looks can truly be deceiving.

For example, Meltus appears to be a scary T-Rex, but he’s really good-natured.

Also, this poor Mixel is allergic to everything so he always has a cold.

You may want to come get him a warm blanket, but no need because he’s made of scorching fire.

So, try to keep your distance. Remember, Meltus has his allergies and he might just start sneezing flames.

Wuzzo (41547)

From: Series 6

Tribe: Weldos

Wuzzo (41547)

All the infrastructures in Mixopolis, they owe it all to the Tribe Weldos.

But the cause of so much trouble is also in the tribe, Wuzzo.

Yes, he’s not the best worker but Wuzzo is still one of the best Lego Mixels out there.

With a bonus King Nixel, how can you say no to this?

Accidentally Wreaking Havoc

A clumsy Mixel with a chainsaw head, Wuzzo shouldn’t really be near anything.

He’s been known to accidentally ruin chairs, tables, and even buildings!

Better watch out! We don’t want his next casualty to actually be a living human.

But who can blame Wuzzo? It’s his nature! Besides, he’s quick to apologize.

Splasho (41563)

From: Series 8

Tribe: MCFD

Splasho (41563)

Where there’s fire, the MCFD is as well.

Leading the trio, Splasho make sure that the fire is extinguished and there’s no Mixel casualty.

Heading the Water-Hurling Pack

Although this fire hydrant-shaped Mixel moves slowly, he knows how to keep his men moving.

He has a big mouth with translucent-blue water-style elements, plus a bucket to get the job done quicker.

Yes, Splasho’s always yelling orders. But someone has to lead the pack, right?

Mysto (41577)

From: Series 9

Tribe: Nindjas

Mysto (41577)

Reminiscent of Lego Ninjago, Mysto is an old man with a lot of battle experience under his belt.

The Quickest and Wisest

The two other member of Nindjas would agree that Mysto here deserves a place in my best Lego Mixels list.

Not only does he boast quick reflexes and awesome acrobatic skills, his wisdom also helps the tribe win each battle.

Mysto may be able to deter the enemies with just his staff, but when he needs help, he can command the gang with just a tip of his black hat.

Tentro (41516)

From: Series 2

Tribe: Flexers

Tentro (41516)

Rubberlands is home to the Flexers, Tentro’s tribe. Although shy, he’s deserving of all the lauding in the world.

All Skills, No Confidence

Despite being strong and intelligent, Tentro simply has no confidence.

Adding these his incredible elasticity, I consider him to be the most powerful of them all.

Tentro even has powerful tentacles that can help him climb walls, as well as punch or even capture Nixels.

How can he not worship himself?

The Ver-Brick

Lego Mixels has caught the imagination of kids everywhere through their creative and highly relatable characters.

And these best Lego Mixels have best shown this.

They all are great purchases that your kid will love, especially if he’s a fan of the Mixels Cartoon Network series.