Lego Mixels Series 6: A Series of Welding, Slime, and Munching

Joining the lovable characters from series 5, are the adorable characters from Lego Mixels series 6.

If you’ve been gluing your eyes to the latest Mixopolis developments, you should know these guys from A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig. Or perhaps you just saw them on store shelves one time and decided that you simply MUST have those.

I get it. Not everyone really is into series made or kids, but everyone loves amazing toys. Am I right or am I right? In Lego Mixels series 6, you’d meet three more characters from the Glorp Corp tribe, plus two new tribes.

Let’s welcome the Weldos and the Munchos in our hearts and in our Mixels collection. Are you ready for some welding, slime, and munching?

You better be! That’s what these Mixels are all about.

Lego Mixels Series 6 – The Weldos

Lego Mixels Series 6

No. of Pcs Total: 207

Date of Released:  2015

Maybe you want to get back a few feet first?

These magical Mixels love to build, but they aren’t so good at it. It’s an accident-prone area wherever they go, and Lego Mixels wonder why they keep getting the contract.

Persevering yet careless? That sure is pretty bad combination. Well, I say, take the risk! They always do their best. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help, does it?

Catch them during their break time to avoid losing a limb or going blind from the bright lights.


No. of Pcs: 68

Set #: 41545


Work hard! The boss is here.

While the rest of the bunch still has to undergo a little training for the job, Kramm is a super-efficient leader and worker.

He’s always do his best, so Frox and Wuzzo should too. Of course, that’s unless they want Kramm to lose it.

Having a jackhammer for an arm, you’d hate that he sometimes waves it around. What I’m sure of, you’d love how quick he is in drilling holes on cement.

That’s paired with his humongous arms and fingers, allowing him to lift other heavy-duty instruments with just one hand.

Having those two powerful arms, aren’t you glad he never accidentally broke his boulder feet? I mean, come on! It’s a pretty easy mistake to make.

Setting an example to the rest of the tribe, he wears a builder’s hat over his Cyclops eye to protect him from falling debris.

Strong and efficient, Kramm is really one hell of a leader.


No. of Pcs: 65

Set #: 41546


Destruction is nigh because Forx is here.

You do understand that I’m talking about building demolitions right? Forx is THE FURTHEST from a villain there could ever be.

He’s actually incredibly enthusiastic about his job. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic that he hits the good stuff too.

Only after when he’s stopped and the smoke has cleared will you see the total damage.

Well, I hope they deduct it from his pay check. That’s never the case, though. With the help with of the other two Weldos, he can create as much as he destroys.

Forx already has a cement-mixer mouth, so that’s a great start.

In one of his hands, he holds a chain which we know can come in handy in this line of work. Plus, he has a rotting jaw for pouring the cement.

All these, he does while donning that comb over hair. Hey! You gotta look presentable, right?

Despite his flaws, Lego Mixels still loves him.

Get to know this wonderfully enthusiastic yet clumsy member of the Weldos. I’m sure you’ll love him too.


No. of Pcs: 74

Set #: 41547


To all who are reading right now, let’s welcome Wuzzo with a “wuzzup?”

Sorry, I was trying to be funny. Won’t be trying that anytime soon!

Anyway, here’s Wuzzo, the most awkward of all three. That and the chainsaw head are never a good combination, are they?

Although he has a record of cutting chairs, tables, or even buildings, he quick to apologize. And who couldn’t forgive that cute little chainsaw face?

Wuzzo’s just trying his best, you know?

Lego Mixels Series 6 – The Glorp Corp

Lego The Glow corp

Image from

Here’s a trio that I don’t want near my house. I still like them, nonetheless.

Sure, they’re great, but I’m not really a big fan of slime. It’s just too much cleaning for me.

This tribe from Lego Mixels series 6 is an excellent source of fun and mayhem.

Being the most loving among all tribes, they always try to delight critters, Mixels and humans alike.

You may not like them right away because they’re dripping with slime, but let’s give them a chance to change your mind, shall we?

Besides, even the most slime-drenched among them deserves our love. Look beyond the goo, and I’m sure you’ll love them too.


No. of Pcs: 52

Set #: 41548


You know how you hate people who talk so much when they know very little?

There’s a Mixel version of that named Dribbal. I’m sorry to say this, but he’s the first of their kind that I actually hate.

Always wearing his horn-rimmed glasses, Dribbal always acts like he’s above everyone else. He never keeps his mouth closed, and just talks nonsense.

Maybe you think I’m not being fair, butit’s just not me! Nobody listens to his endless blabber. All these, he does while snot’s dripping from his nose.

Get to know (or avoid) this snotty know-it-all, one of the six member of the Glorp Corp tribe.


No. of Pcs: 66

Set #: 41549


Gurggle is sucha hothead. No wonder he’s not tight with other Lego Mixels. Did I mention he talks fast and has a serious sinus problem?

Well, that’s Gurggle for you! I hope for the day cod medicine is invented in Mixopolis.

Perhaps the only thing that’s going great for him is his powerful yet slimy legs.He makes lots of opponents so it’s good that he doesn’t get beat up a lot.

Gurggle’s very nimble and can evade even the quickest attacks. Being the most impatient in the tribe, he’s always the first to move too. The rest always have to catch up with their not so quick legs.

If you see a quick Mixel with big teeth and legs dripping with slime, you know it’sGurggle.


No. of Pcs: 52

Set #: 41550


After those two Lego Mixels with attitude problems, there is this one sweetheart.

Like all the members of the Glorp Corp tribe, he’s also unbelievably slimy. But he can fly! So, that’s clearly working out for him.

All the slime makes it hard for Slusho to get airborne. But once he does, you better watch out. You might be the next victim of the raining green goop.

A hybrid of hummingbird and hippo, this adorable Mixel will totally take your heart away. But not in the “I’ll rip your heart out of your chest” kind.

Lego Mixels Series 6 – The Munchos


We say that some people are big-mouthed, but the members of this tribe have given it a whole new meaning.

“What do you mean by that, Brick Chad?” you’re probably saying.

But I literally can’t get any clearer than that. All members of this Lego Mixels series 6 tribe have big mouths.

Yes, they’re called the Munchos, but they don’t just use their mouths for eating. They use it for talking too.

Hide all your food and non-food items RIGHT NOW! They aren’t picky so nothing is safe.

Why don’t you put ear plugs while you’re at it? Once you hear that non-stop blabber, it’ll be too late.


No. of Pcs: 51

Set #: 41551


Meet Snax, the chubby-cheeked Munchos tribe member who loves Snax-ing. Get it?

Until recently, I didn’t know why he’s always big-eyed. At first, I thought it’s because he’ just a kid. Then, I realized it’s because he’s always in the hunt for his next meal.

If you’re friendly, you’d love that it’s so easy to please Snax. Just stuff his mouth with lots of food, and you’ll be his new best friend!

Just a warning, though. Lego Mixels always stand back when he’s chatting because crumbs just go everywhere. I recommend you do the same.

Get to know this loveable Mixel. If ever you’re looking for him, someone with chubby cheeks and mouthful of food is definitely Snax.


No. of Pcs: 68

Set #:  41552


If you want entertainment when eating, you have TV. Burp, however, has another trick.

Instead of sitting on a couch, he juggles food with his four hands before slamming them into his mouth. Ta-da!

Also, he’s a walking food blender so kudos for never having a problem with indigestion.

This busybody always has something to do, but no matter what, he finds time to eat. You call that gluttony, I call it dedication.

Although a greedy little muncher (or blender), his cool rotating arms will make you look past that.Berp is a good-natured Mixelwho simply loves food.


No. of Pcs: 69

Set #: 41553


Meet two Lego Mixels in one through Vaka-Waka. This duo is a team.Vaka’s in charge of getting food stuff in, while Waka’s in charge of digestion.

So, yes. You can say that Waka’s a stomach head. He always look sad because Vaka is very impulsive. The top half eats everything he can get his hands on. That includes rotten fish heads and even garbage.

Unfortunately, it leaves Waka having to digest all those crap. That’s super sad.

Perhaps you can talk to Vaka about it? Waka’s big teeth can’t take it anymore!

The Ver-Brick

Although I won’t consider it cheap, Lego Mixels series 6 is still a must-have. The stories behind each make them a little more irresistible.

If you have a kid who watches the show on Cartoon Network, he’d love this. You can transform and combine all items to form amazing hybrids.

Now that you have met everyone from Lego Mixels series 6, why don’t I show you more of this world?

Here are another set of Mixels from series 7 and series 8 that you can get to know as well.

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