LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Voyage 41150 Review: A Journey to Self-Discovery

LEGO Moana Ocean Voyage Review A Journey to Self-Discovery

Yes it’s true.

The world is full of distractions.

From the impossible beauty standards to the stressful work environment.

One of the people who found herself trapped in a difficult situation is my sister from a human mother, Michelle.

On the latter part of 2016, she almost the burden of the world too stressful and decided to watch a Disney movie, Moana.

Little did she know that this would be the start of her journey to self-discovery. The only thing she had set her mind while riding a cab from the movie theater is getting LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Voyage 41150 which she considers to be the best Lego set for her growing collection.

Of all we have created so far, why this?

Like how Moana was wayfinding to return the heart of Te Fiti, Michelle also needed to find her way to who she really is.

For too long, she buried herself under different masks, almost forgetting the face behind the facades. Like Moana, she’s lost in a sea of confusion.

The Disney movie is a wake-up call that she should break away from that kind of life. LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Voyage 41150 immortalized what she felt when watching the movie.

Being more than another display in her room, this indeed is the best Lego set she could ever have. Besides, how many opportunities do we have to see a beautiful constant reminder of a great life event?

What’s in the box of LEGO Moana Ocean Voyage?

Just moments after she got the package and accidentally banged the door from excitement, signs of her old self started showing.

From being refined (not that there’s anything wrong with it), she’s slowly becoming more spontaneous.

Michelle completely tore the box because she thought it didn’t matter how many Lego pieces there are all in all. There were 307 pieces, by the way.

Whats in the box of LEGO Moana Ocean Voyage?

She thought to herself, there is more than one reason that this is her best Lego set. Aside from the inspiration, it also depicts most of the movie.

Included in the set are

  • Moana mini-doll figure,
  • Maui minifigure,
  • Two Kakamoras, 
  • Heihei the rooster.

Because she didn’t get to look at the box, everything out of it is a surprise. She was already completely satisfied with the set, but there were accessories too! The banana, pineapple, map, oar and the heart of Te Fiti made the whole thing even more realistic.


Oh, my. “Honest mistake!” Michelle said to herself. She figured she still had to build it. Silly her! Only if she took a closer look at the box before shredding it, she would have found out right away that it would be over 6” high, 5” long and 5” wide. Moana and Maui’s final journey, Te Fiti Island, would be 4” high, 6” long and 1” wide.

Don’t tell anyone, but I once sneaked up on her and found her singing the movie’s theme song while “sailing” her boat to Te Fiti Island. I have to admit, it’s kind of funny to me, but I’m just glad she’ slowly finding and loving her true self.

Who’s it for

whos it for lego moana voyageIf you’re like my friend Michelle who has become a fan of Moana, this is something that you would thoroughly enjoy. Personally, I agree with what it says on the box. This is best for kids aged 6 to 12 years old. For one, all Disney movies really are for kids. Adults just like it because it brings a sense of nostalgia. But hey! Since when is accidental market bad for anybody? 

As I was saying, challenge-wise, this is the best Lego set for that particular age group. There are still people like Michelle who’ve fallen in love with the set for more sentimental reasons. Is that ever wrong?

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”413″ identifier=”B01J8PBC0O” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”chadgodoy24-20″ width=”500″]

No. If you like Moana, go order this right away. Your kid does too? Even better! I say if you feel like buying it, buy it. It’s not like this Lego set is age-exclusive, right? This isn’t some X-rated toy or if we’re going the other way, baby bottle we’re dealing with here.

Just a warning to everyone, though. As great as this Lego set is, keep this away from children under 3. There are small parts and these are real choking hazards. If you really want to involve your toddler in building (or destroying) this Lego set, make sure that responsible adult is supervising.


Michelle had nothing but praises for this Lego set. This is the closest anyone’s going to get to a complete Moana’s ocean voyage experience.

  • What she loved about it the most is that it has all the key characters and places in the voyage. If that doesn’t make it one of the best Lego sets ever, I don’t know what would.
  • It’s also super cute, something that children of all ages appreciate. Speaking of what people of all ages appreciate, who doesn’t like real moveable parts? It makes playing with a whole lot better according to Michelle.
  • Not everything functions like they do in the movie, but at least you can fling the Kakamoras in the air. Aside from that, she also found it super cute that she can store the banana and the pineapple in the boat.
  • She even said that for its price, this is the best Lego set anyone’s ever going to get. It’s fairly interactive and is super-duper cheap. As Michelle worded, it’s “cheaper than a night out with people she doesn’t really like.”


There’s one problem about this set and it isn’t even our fault. Well, what I mean is the guys at the factory aren’t perfect. There is a reasonable chance of something going wrong, but know that the headquarters is always right behind you.

  • Michelle’s set had one piece missing, and it was pretty hard to figure out because she’s not really a fan of reading instructions and such. No surprise there. The tearing of the box should’ve served as a pretty great hint. Anyway, I think the only message here is people make mistakes and don’t be afraid to forgive.
  • She gifted another set to her niece, who wasn’t appreciative at all. She said the minifigures didn’t look like those in the movie. Well, duh. What do you expect from an incredible pocket-friendly set?
  • Ungrateful kid. Just for the record, I still stand by what I said that this is a terrific set.

Alternative Product

Let’s take things back home and away from the nauseous oceans. You have the ocean voyage experience, and you can also explore the island. LEGO Disney Moana’s Island Adventure 4114 adds greatly to the story. Moana’s house and the cave area are some of the great things you’ll see in this Lego set.

I’m planning to give this to Michelle because I think it’s possible to kind of mix the two sets together. It undoubtedly makes for a great reenactment. Play on the grass and you’re all set!

The Ver-Brick

Like Michelle, I do hope that there would be more Moana-inspired Lego sets that would be available real soon.

LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Voyage 41150 is an adorable Lego set that can get anyone enamored and occupied for a lot of time. For many people, this may be a simplistic play thing. For Michelle, this is a memento of her journey to self-discovery.

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