LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 Review: A Race to the Dream

LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 Review
Even as a kid, Bill has always been into cars.
He was very fond of racing. For years, he imagined the thrill, the speed, and the wind rushing through his face.
Unfortunately, he was born to a poor family. They can never afford anything more than small toy cars.
Bill never complained and appreciated the little that his parents gave him. The dream lived on inside him, even as he grew.
Years later, he graduated class valedictorian. What’s more, he also got a scholarship in an Ivy League school.
Bill’s parents were joyous, and gifted him the LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056.
He’s overjoyed by the generous act. Even with little means, they’ve helped him with the race to his dream. For more than materialistic reasons, this was the best Lego set that he ever could have.

What’s in the box of LEGO TECHNIC Porsche Review?

What’s in the box of LEGO TECHNIC Porsche Review

The more appropriate question would be, what’s in the luxurious box packaging?
For others, this is 2704 pieces of differently-sized Lego blocks. For Bill, this is so much more. During that time, this was the closest that he had to a real car.
Because of his parent’s good taste, no one can deny that this is pretty close to the real thing too.
You know, except for the size. The Lego car measures six inches high, 2 inches long, and 9 inches wide. It was a great upgrade from the toy cars he played as a kid.played as a kid.
What’s in the box of LEGO TECHNIC Porsche Review
He displayed this in his dorm room, and it was the center of attention.
What everyone who’s seen it can tell you is it’s not because of its size.
The attention-to-detail is incomparable.
In every way, it’s one of a kind. To begin with, it has a unique serial number in its glove compartment.
This Porsche also boasts an aerodynamic bodywork, and red suspension springs. The headlights, taillights, and adjustable rear spoiler were some of his favorite features. The doors and hood can also be opened, just like a real car.
That’s not even half of it. This Lego set features red suspension springs, and adjustable rear spoiler. It also comes with rims with RS emblem, low-profile tire, and detailed brake calipers.
LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056
The interior was just as breathtaking. It has a working steering wheel with gearshift paddles and working glove box. The opening rear lid contains a detailed flat 6 engine. The seating is incredibly detailed. For me, the icing on top of the cake is the collection of authentic stickers.
Being a proud owner of this set, Bill also acquired a full-color collector’s book. This is a fairly complicated set made easy through the comprehensive building instructions.
This is the first Lego he ever had. Still, he was quick to say that this is one of the best Lego sets ever. And who can blame him? The intricate design and detail can make anyone’s jaw drop. At every distance, this was a sight to behold.

Who’s it for?

Everyone who loves cars would definitely enjoy this collector’s item Lego set.
Besides, its only difference from the real thing is it doesn’t run.
Like Bill, you’d surely be amazed by the detail this baby has. In fact, anyone who appreciates beauty will love this as well. As I know how frustrating some Lego set can be, I recommend this for people above 16, or genius kids.
For Bill, this symbolizes his dreams of getting ahead in life. The price tag on Porsche is no joke, but who said it isn’t possible? For $300, anyone can have their own mini-Porsche.


After building his Porsche, Bill sighed. For now, this is the closest he will have to a real car. For a moment there, he was sad. Juggling two jobs with his study isn’t easy. Building the car was very realistic and it took some of his stress away. Building it was as realistic as how it looks.
That occupied him for some time. Especially in his case, it’s great that the instructions were very comprehensive. This spared him from further frustration. For those couple of hours, Bill was in pure, simple bliss.
The outcome was even more satisfying. As he sees his work unfold before his eyes, so does his excitement. Just thinking about those beautiful moving parts, got him to work a little faster. Everything is just so beautiful. For him, this is an architectural and art genius. It definitely is worth every penny.


After building the set, he thought about getting a different model. After some calculations, he found out that he can’t. At least, for now. With all the expense, how could he afford it? The price tag sunk his heart a little. The best Lego sets never come cheap. It may be worth every penny, put they’re all the pennies he doesn’t have.
There’s another thing that disappointed him a little. The moving parts aren’t quite visible because they’re under opaque plastic. The Porsche is beautiful as it is. But he thought this isn’t the real thing. So if the moving parts can be seen right away, the model would be even better.
I did some snooping, and there were some cases of missing Lego pieces. I was like, “What the hell!” With this price, it should come with a cake! Anyway, what’s done is done. At least, this wasn’t the case on Bill’s Lego set. With all he’s doing, it’d be hell for him to contact my bros at the headquarters.

Alternative Products

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives like Bill, you may want to go for LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit. It may not be as big, but it’s something.
Also, it’s a Ferrari, and who doesn’t love that? An even cheaper model is LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven 620R 21307 Building Kit which you can get for less than $70. I’d actually recommend this to Bill. Both Lego sets aren’t as detailed as the Porsche, of course. Still,

The Ver-Brick

Ranging from $300 or less, LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 is still worth buying.
This is one of the best Lego sets because of how close it is to the real thing. If you can shrink yourself, you’d think you have a real Porsche. As Bill enjoys his first ever “car”, I’m sure anyone would too.
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