Lego Batmobile: Ultimate Collectors’ Edition Review

The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition Lego - Lego

Before anything, I’d like to extend my gratitude to one of the most awesome and most generous of my human friends, Marc Co, for lending me this one-of-a-kind Lego Batmobile

Not all people may like Batman movies and series, but they sure do admire that sweet ride. Nothing compares to one of the most iconic fictional vehicles in the world.

The Batmobile is heavily-armored, can fly, and can do serious damage on those who seek to endanger the people of Gotham.

Aside from that, it also boasts a wonderful jet black design, allowing Batman to lurk in the shadows at night. Having an obviously powerful engine as well, this becomes every man and brick-man’s dream.

So, imagine my excitement when my friend lent me the ultimate collectors’ edition of the Lego Batmobile. It’s the closest thing that I’ll ever have to the real thing!


The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition Lego - Top View - Isometric View - 1

What’s in the box?

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”459″ identifier=”B000EU1I2U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”chadgodoy24-20″ width=”500″]

Only the pieces making the most amazing Lego Batman set! All in all, there are 1045 brick pieces so I expected a fairly difficult build.

Of course, an instructions manual is also included. No way you could build a set as complicated as this without one. Trust me, I tried.

Although measuring 3.94×18.9×14.96 inches, it’s more than just big. Yes, this Lego Batmobile is impressive because of its size as well. But there are more to it than that.

What makes this one so special is its incredibly detailed aesthetic. It’s a proper miniature, alright.

Once you open the roof, you’d see an artistically-designed and detailed interior that would make you want to shrink yourself.

You can even turn the steering wheel to raise the roof. Great, right? It isn’t just for show.

That is, if it’s a real Batmobile. But if you’re feeling a little nutty, you can always speed this pricey Lego Batmobile just to see the speed difference.

Plus, it’s no hassle to move this thing around your house because of it only weighs 4.36 pounds.

Before you throw hours of making this set, try the rotating booster flames and moving engine turbines come in play. Move it around, and you’ll see!

All these, you can get with a purchase of The Batmobile: Ultimate Collectors’ Edition.

How much is it?

First released in October 2006, the Lego Batmobile only cost $69.99. That’s way cheaper than most sets of this kind and size out there.

But now, you’d really have to save up for it. I looked at some listings and the price can go above $1,000. So, good for you if you bought it when it as first released.

Because of Michael Bay’s Batman movies plus the very recent Lego Batman, this Lego Batman set expectedly demands top dollar now.

Like current highest-earning Marvel characters, it will remain popular for a very long time. So, sorry but you won’t see its price going down anytime soon.

If you don’t have that kind of money, you’d have to lend it. Wish you have a friend like Marc now, don’t you?


lego batmobile

The Good and the Bad


Good investment. If you already have this one, good for you! You can make a lot of money from this Lego Batman set, especially if it’s in mint condition.

Detailed design. It may not come cheap, but it gives you the full ride (get it?) of the experience. Whether you’re looking inside or outside the Lego Batmobile, you can expect nothing short of awesome.

Being Batman. With even the cheapest costume, you can rightfully claim “I’m Batman” in Christian Bale’s voice. Sure, you can do it with a less realistic set, but you wouldn’t be as believable.

Huge wings. Having huge yet not over the top wings add greatly to the overall aesthetic.

One of a kind. No, I’m not exaggerating. This is the only collectors’ item Lego Batman set, raising it to the ranks of some Lego Star Wars sets.

Great decorative piece. With it measuring 3.94×18.9×14.96 inches, it can be a very noticeable addition to any room. Brag about your awesome Lego Batmobile to your guests!


Pricey. If you just found out about Batman, that’s too bad. If you just got interested in Legos, you’re too late. It will now cost you a fortune to get yourself one of these. Think of it as you getting screwed by Lego investors/collectors because you didn’t get in the thing early on.

Immobile. For something that can do a lot of things in the movies, this Lego Batman set falls short in this area. It doesn’t even have a pullback motor. I wish it were like Lego Technic sets, moving and operating like the real thing.

No minifigures. Lego sets modeled after TV Series, comics, and movies usually come with minifigures. Unfortunately, you’d have to look at other Lego Batman sets for those.

Flimsy roof. For something revered to the status of collectors’ item, you’d expect everything to be perfect. Still, remember that it originally was originally released with a $70 price tag. Maybe its shortcomings are because of that.



lego batmobile Top View

The Lego Batmobile Building Experience

It’s pretty damn hard to build. That, I have to admit. But you must know, it’s definitely worth it.

So let me tell you about my experience in building this amazing Lego Batman set. There are always two sides to every story, you know.

The Struggles

You may think I’m a Lego noob when I say the whole process took me eight hours.

First, most of the pieces are black. Even in daylight, it was hard to tell which is which, especially because the pieces are also so small.

I even had to wear my glass and put each piece so close to the face just to be sure I’m doing the right thing.

And that’s just the beginning of a veeeeery long day for me.

The instructions were pretty hard to follow. If you have made anything that you have to piece together, you know that it’s pretty much made up of pictures.

Now, imagine following making this Lego Batman set from pictures when most of the pieces are black. Not pretty easy, right?

If you look at the instructions, you’d see that it actually advises you to complete it by putting the bricks on top of the other. Following these, you’d gradually see it come to life.

But most of the pieces were so small. I don’t want to put the whole thing to my face every time I place a brick. That would be very exhausting.

So, I figured building it from parts would be the least hard way to go, and that’s what I did!

I know you’re probably asking, why didn’t I just follow it to the letter? Not only do I want to keep track of my progress, I also just found that way unnecessarily hard.

Besides, you already know that I’m one to do things the weird way. It worked well for me, but it’s not for everybody.

Unfortunately, I did not take into account external factors that would slow me down.

I know I didn’t have a lot going for me in making the Lego Batmobile, but then comes my nephew. He came to the room, and tried to “help”.

Too bad I didn’t get it on tape! It would’ve been a fun addition to this post, don’t you think?

Anyway, what happened has he put random pieces the parts I have finished. So, that was obviously a delay and a little frustration.

Again, the disadvantage of having black bricks. It was hard to figure out where my nephew put which. Just so I wouldn’t “finish” this set with the bricks in all the wrong places, I had to re-do the whole thing.

I even thought of just throwing the pieces all around the room, but I remembered that it’s not even mine. Plus, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to replace it.

The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition Lego - Lego Rear View - 1

The Fun Parts

Did that sound dirty? I’m sorry!

Anyway, I was just trying to say that after you get used to the conditions working against you, you actually start having fun.

Also, I kept thinking it couldn’t get any worse than this.

Once I recognized that there are things I could do, it turned my mood all around.

To help myself in this situation, I went to the room and completely isolated myself for the next eight hours or so.

The lighting in my room is great, but I turned on my reading light as well. This made building the Lego Batman set a whole lot easier.

After an hour, I was able to get into the routine. I didn’t even see having the black, minuscule bricks as a headache!

Before I knew it, it was done.

I was amazed. Seeing the result of the time and effort I put in the Lego Batmobile, my exhaustion drifted away.

It was a rewarding experience. After everything, it was worth it.

I may not have the fun parts for it, but it felt like I just had a baby. Yes, I can be pretty emotional too.

The Ver-Brick

This Lego Batmobile is an unexpected burden and greatness.No wonder its price drove up that high!

It’s a sight to behold, and an accurate depiction of a popular yet fictional vehicle. Yes, it has it flaws, but they’re hardly noticeable!

If only I had the cash, I’d buy one for myself. I’ve completely fallen in love with it, and I don’t want to let it go.

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