LEGO Racers: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (8145)

LEGO Racers Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (8145) - Featured

Another holla for my dear friend, Marc Co, for letting me use the Lego Racers GTB Fiorano Ferrari. Thanks, man!

The rich ride Ferrari, while the rest of us stare in awe. When is the torture going to end? We want to have a sexy car too!

Then, comes the solution, the Lego Ferrari. The car itself is beautifully designed with a powerful motor. Most popular in red,it is one of the most recognized cars in the world.

Unless I win the lottery, rob a bank, or steal it, I know there’s no way I can have a Ferrari. I can only dream of hopping in that car and racing it to my heart’s content.

Then, the doorbell rings. I won the lottery!

Just kidding. The packaged just arrived.

Still, I totally freaked out when I finally have the package in my hands. I’m not sure, but I think even peed myself.


LEGO Racers Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (8145) - Featured Right Side Iso Left Side

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Isometric View

What’s in the Box?

The quick and easy answer? Only 1327 brick pieces comprising the 1:10 Lego Ferrari model, plus the instructions manual.

I love that the instructions do more than let you know what to put together next.

You’d totally appreciate the thought and effort in making it. Aside from the obvious sequence of building, the brick pictures there are all actual size.

In fact, there are 76 different sets of instructions. Awesome AND comprehensive, right?

Measuring 65.2  cm long and 43.2cm wide, this item from Lego Racers is a sure pretty sight. As you must know, there is more to love about this than its aesthetic appeal.

So, let’s talk about the features, making the model seem even closer to the real and pricey thing.

When you raise the hood of this Lego car, a detailed and powerful V12 engine that has moving pistons is revealed.

Plus, it also features a lifting rear engine bonnet.Isn’t that just super?

Now, you know that this baby is ready for racing.

How about you hop in and take it for a test drive? Open the car and grab the steering wheel. Steer the Ferrari, and see your front wheels change course according to your desired direction.

Unlike the Batmobile, this one has lots of special parts you’re not likely to find in other Lego sets.

This Lego Ferrari comes with suspension with ball joints, 20 body panels, air dampened shocks for the doors, and a differential.

All of these are a testament to attention-to-detail. If this thing could run, you’d suspect it’s a shrunken version of a Ferrari.

Having dominant red color scheme and weighing just below five pounds, this item from the Lego Racers series is a great addition to your Ferrari collection.


LEGO Racers Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (8145) - Featured Back View

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Top Rear View 

How much is it?

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on it in 2007, this Lego car set would have costed you only $99.99. GTB Fiorano was never really cheap, but you can say that it’s fairly priced.

10 years later, you couldn’t say the same thing.

Even used sets have a bigger price tag than it did when it was first released.Now, people can sell this pre-loved (or unloved) Lego Ferrari for around $250 – 500$  without batting an eye.

For those who were clever enough never to open the packaging, the rewards are even higher. Today, they can sell it for above $500-800$ (if sealed), at least four times its value on its initial release.

Although its cost didn’t rise as much as the Lego Batmobile, it is still a substantial increase.

While it doesn’t owe its current popularity to a whole bunch of series and movies, the brand Ferrari can be a possible factor in its price increase.

This Lego Racers is relatively affordable because its highest recorded selling price doesn’t even reach $500. Still, it’s a lot of money.

If you don’t have a lot of dough in your pockets, you may consider buying it second hand to shave a few hundreds off the demanded pay.

The Good and the Bad


  • Detailed build. With over 1300 parts, you’re sure that that just doesn’t go to building a huge model. There’s a lot of thought put into making it a proper replica. From those beautiful wheels to the working steering wheel, there are a lot to admire about the Lego Ferrari.
  • Lots of unique parts. Unlike many Lego items, it’s impossible to make this Lego Racers model from pieces from other Lego sets. All these add to the aesthetic quality of the car.
  • Amazing color. The red car color is sure to pop out wherever it is. It enhances the car’s details, allowing those who see it to appreciate it even more.
  • Good investment.If you have bought this when it was first released, expect a great return on your purchase whether it’s used or unused.
  • Huge display. Measuring an impressive 18 inches long and 9 inches wide, this does more than fill in the gaps in your Lego Ferrari collection.
  • Great instructions manual. The instructions indicate which you will need for a particular bag of bricks. This makes building a whole lot easier and completely eliminates confusion in the process.


  • Repetitive buildFor non-Technic builders, this may come off as a challenge. However, for everyone else, there isn’t much to look forward in building it. It just takes time, but it requires more attention than skill.
  • Huge price tagWhether you’re buying it for the unique parts or simple for the love of Lego Racers, you have to shell out a substantial amount for this set.

LEGO Racers Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (8145) - Showing Engine

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano V12 Engine

The Lego Ferrari Building Experience

Building this Lego Racers model is no walk in the park, but it’s not a highway to hell either. Let’s call it a combination of both.

In this case, there are more things going for me than against me, so I’d like to start with the good stuff first.

The Walk (or Build) in the Park

Before anything, I’d like to say that no matter how hard or easy what you’re doing is, a good and comprehensive guide eases out the burden.

And that’s the case for this set.I’ve told you everything about what’s in the box, but nothing yet about how they’re put there.

All the 1327 pieces were divided into nine separate bags according to which come together in the build. At first, I didn’t know why and how they’re separated.

But it made sense once I viewed the instructions. There were 76 sets, and they indicate what bag you’d need for each.

Because of how organized things were, I encountered no problem at all during the building.

In fact, I even invited my nephew to help me out.As the instructions show life size picture of the bricks, he was really able to get the job done quicker… unlike last time.

This is a Lego Ferrari I’d recommend you build with your kids. Sure, it’d take longer, but at least you guys would bond!Plus, there are actually lots of benefits of playing Lego for your kids.

Anyway, the bricks are mostly either bright red or black, so it was perfect for me! I already spent my paid leaves on non-sense alcohol binge, so now, I only have evening for my kids.

It was pretty easy to figure out which is which because of the color. Piecing this Lego Racers beauty together was ­almost hassle-free if it were not for my boredom.

The Highway to Hell

The bricks were pretty small, but good thing my eyes aren’t that bad yet.And as I thought it would be my only problem, it actually was just the start.

Unfortunately, a good pair of eyeglasses simply didn’t do it for me.

I’m used to building Lego Technic sets, and even the more complicated sets because we get Lego credit at work.

Have I seen it all? Probably yes.

But my problem with this Lego Ferrari is a big one. It’s very repetitive.

There are almost 1,500 Lego bricks involved, so I imagined it would be a challenge. There are so many ways you can link two bricks together.

But not with this one. After an hour, it becomes hell. The repetition will bore you.

I mean, I don’t like it either when the building is unnecessarily hard. But this just takes away the reward of seeing the product of your hard work come to life.

Good thing my nephew and my kids got involved, because as beautiful as this Lego Racers model is, building it is terribly boring.

The Ver-Brick

Given the thought put in packaging the Lego Ferrari, my building experience isn’t all I hope it’d be. Perhaps I easily get bored, or perhaps its difficulty isn’t enough for me.

Whatever the case, I’m sure you can agree that this is a great item to have.

Like many Lego sets that increase value over time, it detailed and packed with features. Plus, it has lots of unique parts.

The price may be a turn off, but its distinct look and overall appeal would make you want it.

Besides, its ridiculous price tag is matched by its equally ridiculously high value, right?

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