Lego Store Set – Happy Grand Opening Day for Lego Fanatics!

Haven’t been in a Lego store before?
Luckily, I have one of these sets that I got from a friend. This Lego store set is exclusive, given that you can only have this if you visit a Lego store on its grand opening day. (If you will buy at least the minimum purchase amount)
In my friend’s case, it’s less than 100 dollars. And yes, it’s exclusive!

What’s inside the Lego Store set?

LEGO Store

No. of Pcs: 413 pcs
Ages: 7+
Minifigure: 1 Pc (Customer) 
Set no: 40145
Size: 26.2 x 14.1 x 9.1 cm
Instructions: Yes
Year Released: 2014  
 Lego store set brick pieces
This Lego store set consists of 5 plastic bags and 3 brick plates. If you will notice, the figures aren’t that big. It also has some awesome stickers that are exclusive by the way.

Lego Store Facade

That’s a lot of great detail to take it.
As you can see, I tried to make it dark to make some lighting effects inside. It depicts exactly what you can see if you try to stand in front of it.
Here are some Cool things you see outside the store:
  • Lego Store Logo – with one look you can feel that you’re actually standing in front of one of some Lego Shop. 
  • Rare Lego Red Brick (Right Side) – A lot of people doesn’t know that this Red brick at the right side of the store is one of the rare pieces they can have. Well, this can be a decision maker why would others will love it.
  • Lego Brick Dragon – If you just check it out, this Lego brick dragon is the mini figure for the actual Lego brick dragon that is present inside some lego shops.

I know you’re on a busy schedule, so we will give you a quick look at what’s inside a Lego store set.
Well, I know that this set looks quite simple. But there’s a lot of sophistication of the designs itself if you will take a closer look.
Lego Store Inside View
  • Lego Store Customer – This set is no fun without a customer! Well, this is one of most awesome Lego mini figure that’s easy to notice. With that Lego bag, we all know that she’s ready for shopping.
  • Brick Built Penguin – a nicely built Lego penguin, easily notice the moment you open the door. 
  • Lego Play Area –  Just look closely how they designed the lego play area, a real fan o r an AFOL will notice how cool and sophisticated that is.
  • Cash Register – Like almost all the Lego shops, this set comes with its own cash register ready to take any orders from its customer. I’m wondering why they did not put an employee inside near the register, why not?
  • Lego Shelves – Awesome Lego themes are shown in those wonderful stickers. It consists of Lego theme sets like Lego Ninjago, Creator, Friends, City, and Technic Sets.
  • Yellow Lego Bricks at the Top Too, this Lego set has it a decorative yellow brick at the top of its roofing. Well, not as sophisticated it may seem, but it does add color that is pleasing to the eyes. If you’ve not been yet in a Lego store, you will see this on the top of the shop if you make some time to inspect it. 
Note: Take out the roof panel for easy access. 

Who’s it for?

Almost all fans, kids, AFOL or whoever you know that have a heart will fall in love with this amazing Lego store set. Given that it does not belong to any of the theme sets, I can say that it’s a one size fits all. Not only that, it gives the quickest way to shop for Legos.

Yes, for less than 100 US dollars, you can have this pretty set that completes your collection. Well, almost of my friends have a good time looking at it. This set is not generic as some might believe, you cannot build it 100% on your own (without having the original pieces) because, you’ll probably be needing some unique parts like the penguin, logo, play area, etc.

Oh, did I say it from the start? You can only have this set on its grand opening day, so hurry find out the latest opening near you!